Decisions from the LORD

May 20, 2022    Pastor Daryl Zachman
David and his men were wanderers who were becoming warriors. They had their hands full just keeping one step ahead of Saul. But when David heard that the people of Keilah were in trouble, he was moved with compassion and wanted to help. Keilah was in southwestern Judah near Philistine territory. After the people of Keilah had threshed their grain, the Philistines would come and steal it. David inquired of the LORD to see if he should attack the Philistines and save Keilah. David had a warrior’s heart, but he also had wisdom not to fight his own battles. The LORD told him to go and attack the Philistines. But David’s men were not on board. They were afraid that they would be taking on too much. David didn’t press the matter with his men but inquired of the LORD a second time. God said yes again and added that He would help them conquer the Philistines.

Perhaps they didn’t realize it at the time, but they were all going to school. David was learning to trust in the LORD with all his heart and seek His guidance in everything. The men were learning to trust in David's leadership. God was teaching them all how to cooperate to fight the LORD’s battles. Eventually David’s army would defeat the surrounding nations and usher in the golden age of Israel. But they began with little steps of faith.

“For who has despised the day of small things?” (Zechariah 4:10, NKJV)

David and his men slaughtered the Philistines, took all their livestock, and rescued the people of Keilah. You would think that these people would have been grateful and recognized that David was anointed by God to be the next king. But instead they were loyal to the current king. David inquired of the LORD who said that they would deliver him up to Saul. Therefore David left Keilah. When Saul heard this, he broke off his pursuit—at least for now.

Saul had more troops than David, but David had the LORD and Abiathar the priest who could inquire of God for him. It was not easy being constantly hunted by the king, but David had a greater King who was protecting him and his men.

How much are you aware of the LORD’s presence? Do you know that He is there to protect, keep and guide you always? You and I may be weary, but He never sleeps. We may be weak, but He is strong. And He won’t quit until He accomplishes His good plan for us and brings us to glory!

Today let’s meditate on the first question of the Westminster Shorter Catechism:

“What is the chief end of man? Man’s chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy Him forever.”

That's how we go from being wanderers to warriors!