2 Kings 2:19-3:27

Sep 20, 2022    Pastor Daryl Zachman

“Then he went out to the source of the water, and cast in the salt there, and said, ‘Thus says the LORD: ‘I have healed this water; from it there shall be no more death or barrenness.’’” (2 Kings 2:21, NKJV)

In January 2019, Cindy and I went to Israel for the first time. While in the desert city of Jericho, we were brought to a spring and drank its water. This spring has brought forth fresh water for thousands of years—ever since Elisha made the bitter waters sweet.

This was one of the first miracles that Elisha performed, and it is significant. Jericho is considered to be the oldest city in the world. It is near the Jordan River and surrounded by natural springs. This is what made it such a desirable place to live. However, in Elisha’s day the water was bad and the ground barren. So the men of Jericho brought the problem to Elisha. He told them to bring him a new bowl, and he put salt in it. Then he cast the salt into the water, and the water was healed. The water is still good today, and Jericho produces the best dates in the world.

It is interesting that under the Mosaic Law, whenever they offered grain offerings they were to add salt. This was known as the salt of the covenant (Leviticus 2:13). Later we are told that the LORD gave the dominion over Israel to David forever by a “covenant of salt” (2 Chronicles 13:5). Prior to the days of refrigeration, salt was used as a preservative. Of course, we use it today to season our food. Salt has a preserving effect, and it makes things taste good. So it is with the salt of God’s covenant. His Word preserves us from corruption. When we obey it then life tastes better. The salt of the covenant even makes the bitter places of our life sweet, if we will believe it and do what the Lord says. We will find that waters which once tasted bad will become living waters that bring forth fruit in our lives.

If we take this one step further, we know that we are the salt of the earth. We should have a preserving effect on others, and we should make life taste better. Jesus certainly did these things.

Are there any bitter waters in your life today? Pray that God would add the salt of the New Covenant into your life and make your bitter waters sweet.