2 Kings 2:1-18

Sep 19, 2022    Pastor Daryl Zachman

“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations…teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you...” (Matthew 28:19–20, NKJV)

Elijah and Elisha shared more than just a similar name. Because of their closeness, Elijah poured into Elisha, and Elisha absorbed much from Elijah.

When Elijah was discouraged because of the threats of Jezebel, the LORD told Elijah to anoint Elisha as prophet in his place. From the time that Elijah threw his mantle on Elisha, Elisha left everything to follow his mentor. Who knows how many conversations they had about the things of God while walking together? When Elisha was with Elijah, he saw Elijah in a variety of situations. No doubt Elisha was with Elijah when Elijah pronounced judgment on Ahab and Jezebel for the murder of Naboth and because they had sold themselves to do evil (1 Kings 21:17-26). Also, when Ahaziah, Ahab’s son, fell through the lattice and inquired of Baal-Zebub rather than the LORD, and Elijah sent word to Ahaziah through his messengers, Elisha was present. Although not mentioned, Elisha was probably nearby when Elijah called down fire from heaven to consume the men whom Ahaziah sent to apprehend him. In all these words and works, Elisha was nearby, watching, waiting and learning.

This is the essence of discipleship. It is fundamentally relational. It is caught more than it is taught, although formal teaching may be part of it. It is one person (usually younger or at least younger in the Lord) recognizing that he or she needs the example of another. And it is someone older and more experienced choosing to pour into a younger person.

All of our days are limited. Soon we will pass the mantle onto someone else. What are we doing to prepare the next generation of disciples of Jesus Christ? And if you’re younger, what person who has walked longer with the Lord are you close to? What can you learn from him or her? How can you imitate their faith? Have you reached out to them in some way?

We must pray and ask God for these relationships. Every Elisha needs an Elisha; a Naomi needs a Ruth; a Paul needs a Timothy. Who is your example? To whom are you being an example. Aim to get closer to that person and share both the word of God and your life.